Klara Krämer is studying industrial engineering and management. During an internship semester she supported the CC Ecosystems in the area of Innovative Technologies with a focus on blockchain/DLT and artificial intelligence as well as in the area of agile business transformation. Meanwhile she is part of the team around the OpenBankingProject.ch, but she also likes to help with blockchain research.

FinTech landscape in Switzerland: Blockchain and DLT

With a share of 10% of all FinTech companies in Europe, Switzerland is one of the leading innovation centers. The focus on distributed ledger technology is striking in Switzerland, especially in Crypto Valley Zug. In the meantime, 250 crypto companies have already settled there or are planning a location. However, Switzerland cannot rest on its laurels: to remain a leading innovation center, it constantly needs new FinTechs with innovative ideas. In order to identify gaps in the existing range of Swiss blockchain FinTechs and thus the innovation potential for further services, I analyze in this article the current service offering of the Swiss blockchain FinTech scene.

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