As an industrial engineer, Joël Eugster combines business and technology for the benefit of our customers. He has more than 5 years of project management experience in large companies in the field of investment and optimization projects. His passion lies in service design, where he convinces with innovative methods. His work as a lecturer at a technical college completes his profile.

Augmented Reality in Education and the Financial Sector

The current corona virus situation has shown us that we are capable of taking big steps in digitalization in a very short time in the education sector. Digital methods have already found their way into schools and universities, but this sometimes hesitant development was reinforced to an unprecedented degree by the homeschooling required during the peak of the pandemic. Collaborative platforms have grown enormously, and new teaching and learning formats have been introduced in the form of explanatory videos and virtual lessons or group work. One technology, or rather a concept that has been largely ignored so far, but which offers great potential for improving both digital and face-to-face teaching, is augmented reality (AR), the enrichment of reality with virtual content.

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