Dennis has been working in the financial industry since 2011 and, after completing his training as a banker, has held various roles within one of Germany's largest regional credit institutions. He was able to gain in-depth experience in the banking business through his positions in sales management and private banking. Most recently, he supported management as a consultant in strategy development. Dennis initially supplemented his practical experience in banking by studying business administration at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Sankt Augustin and Keele University (UK). Furthermore, he was also able to gain initial experience in a consulting boutique for the financial industry as part of his studies. In 2020, he completed his Master in Management (M.Sc.) at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management with a focus on strategy and finance. As part of his thesis, he analyzed the success factors for platform-based business models in the banking sector in Germany. Since May 2021, Dennis has been supporting CC Ecosystems as a PhD student in the area of business ecosystems. His research focuses on value accumulation for individual players as well as on pricing and governance systematics.

Platform Confusion: A Spotlight on the Concept of Platforms and Their Classification in the Context of Business Ecosystems

A platform, sure, that’s something you can build other things on. I’m sure we all remember the “Lego plates”, which provided the basis for giving free rein to one’s imagination and indulging in architectural test projects. In economics and science, it is unfortunately not as easy to define the platform concept as in the example described above. With this article, we will now try to shed some light on platform definitions. In addition, we will shed light on the core value driver – network effects – and establish the concept’s connection to business ecosystems.

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Money – What Is It Anyway?

What is money anyway? Sure, it’s something we pay with, and according to the International Monetary Fund, something modern economies couldn’t function without. In today’s blog post, we’ll dig a little deeper into the meaning of money and get a broader picture of what it is. The question is, in my view, particularly relevant today, when new constructs such as cryptocurrencies, which diverge from what is generally considered money, such as the euro, Swiss franc or US dollar, are sometimes considered “money”.

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Success Factors for Business Ecosystems – An Analysis for the Banking Market Germany from the Orchestrator’s Perspective

The concept of business ecosystems has become established in the context of corporate operations in recent years. Business ecosystems seem to provide a particularly advantageous foundation in times of uncertainty and diverse customer needs. Often, companies that orchestrate value creation among the different actors are considered to play a prominent role when it comes to enabling business ecosystems. The question, however, is what factors are necessary for an orchestrator to be able to build a business ecosystem business model. In the following, I provide insight into the results my master’s thesis, which identifies such factors from an orchestrator’s perspective.

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