Dominik supports the Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen as a consultant since August 2021. He looks back on many years of banking experience and, among other things, was involved in various roles in the implementation of the digitalization strategy of a major Swiss bank as well as in the further development of the blockchain banking services of a Liechtenstein private bank. To promote fintech innovations in Switzerland, he is a member of the Fintechrockers Club. He also does educational work as a co-founder of bots don't cry, a startup for fintainment games that presents financial topics to its customers in a playful way and has already released the standalone game "Token Economy".

Target Models for a Digital Asset Offering in the Regulated Space

The topic of digital assets has finally reached the mainstream. The potential for services that make it easier for customers to acquire digital assets is great, but so far only a few financial institutions offer such services. According to the banks, there are many reasons for the lack of a comprehensive offering, e.g. concerns about the value of digital assets, high scepticism regarding money laundering or a lack of know-how in the operational handling of the new asset class. This blog post addresses the last point and aims to show that there are various operational implementation options for a basic digital asset offering for regulated banks.

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