Daniel spent ten years in management consulting and the last 15 years in leading positions at banks and smaller asset managers, including Managing Director and CEO. He is the owner of EcosystemPartners AG, an expert and member of various organizations such as SwissICT, Asia Society and Efficiency Club and is well connected in the financial community. Since his doctorate he has been focusing on open innovation, ecosystems and trends from Asia. He is the author of several professional articles and the books "Open Innovation in the Financial Services" and "Open Innovation Ecosystems" published by Springer in 2009 and 2018. At the BEI, Daniel is responsible for asset managers, whom he accompanies through the digital transformation with his interdisciplinary wealth of experience.

Reflections on the Future of Swiss Banking

The financial sector is currently facing one of its biggest challenges with the Corona pandemic: A collapse in economic growth, high unemployment, credit defaults and volatile stock markets. Furthermore, the old problems such as pressure on margins, increasingly intense competition, the shift of the customer interface towards innovative fintechs and the ubiquitous digitalization have not yet been solved. These developments challenge traditional business models of local banks, but also offer opportunities for those who are willing to change or reinvent themselves.

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